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Caro Cosa Simbolico Quadros Brown Backpack

 23,000  11,500
  • Caro Cosa Brown/Beige Simbolico Quadros Coated Canvas With Brown Nappa Leather
  • Gold-Toned Hardware
  • Lining Made Of Brown-Colored Textile
  • Two Main Zipper Closure
  • Magnetic Flap Closure
  • One Front Zipper Pocket For Keys
  • 26w X 32h X 14d Cm
  • One Big Zipper Pocket With Tablet Sleeve, One Zipper Pocket, One Main Compartment And
  • One Open Pocket For Smart Phones
  • One Small Zipper Pocket With One Compartment
  • Two Adjustable Leather With Nylon Shoulder Strap
  • One Small Leather With Nylon Top Handle To Carry Bag In Hand
  • Flannel Bag Included
  • Delivery In 7-8 Working Days
  • Style No. Sqbbp276
  • Brand: Caro CosaCare Instruction:

Buy women backpacks online | Best Backpack Brands

Buy women backpacks online– “Backpacks are our journey assets”. To store our all essentials, they serve best for the purpose. To make traveling fun, it is a must for a woman to own a fashionable backpack.
Backpacks have the best quality of storing things without stressing your shoulders. They are ready to go backpacks without offering much load.

Types of backpacks for women

Sometimes “Women buy to flaunt”. This is evidenced that women always do not do purposeful buying. They buy some things just because they find them attractive. The same applies to bag packs.

Shop and never stop!

Women not only buy backpacks just for traveling but some of them go for fashionable backpacks to carry them to work. This is their strategy of choosing an amalgam of style and comfort. Not only this they are easiest to carry and lay less stress on shoulders. They are available in different brands in different designs and shapes.

Why buy backpacks for Women online?

Luxury brands prefer dealing directly with customers, unlike local brands. The same applies to the most luxurious brand i.e. “Caro Cosa”. Some of the pros of online shopping are:

  • No duplicity: Buying online direct from the brand’s website saves you from the risk of the duplicity of the product.
  • Lower price: As shopping directly cuts down the additional cost of the middle agents, hence helps in lowering the price.
  • Wide range: You have thousands of products available on your finger’s scroll.
  • Comfort: The best thing to note about online shopping is that they are the most comfortable means of shopping. Sitting in your comfort you can order fashion for yourself.

Benefits of backpacks

  1. Easy to carry: Backpacks are designed in a way to serve your needs in a better way and are easiest to carry along with.
  2. More spacious: Backpacks offer you much space to make them fit for traveling purposes as well.
  3. Offers less stress: The best thing to jot about the backpacks is that they do not lay down stress on your shoulders.
  4. Multipurpose: Backpacks serve a variety of purposes. You can carry them on your plans for trekking, climbing, work, cycling, hydration, etc.; they are available for different purposes.

“Women are always low on collections” Most of the women are fond of collecting fashion. Their collection will never have a full stop. They keep on updating their collection by buying new innovations.

Women also prefer stylish and fashionable Backpacks for their official purpose as well! And that’s where “Caro Cosa” helps them out!

Why choose Caro-Cosa For Ladies Backpacks?

Caro-Cosa the most renowned luxury brand making luxury available to men and women at affordable prices. They are well known for their leather quality that they use in their products. It is a partnership of a designer and an engineer. Hence the Caro Cosa offers superfine quality designed bags.

“Easy to carry, best to flaunt”

Caro Cosa bags offer less stress on your shoulders and as they are professionally designed, they are easy to carry as well.

Flaunting your Caro Cosa

“Caro Cosa has always been the symbol of luxury”. Being a luxury brand, Caro Cosa is best at flaunting your royal side.

“Backpacks directly from the Spain sheds”

The best thing is that is a brand of Spain. Hence you can order the best backpacks for you directly from Spain. All you need is to visit to order yours.

Your Caro Cosa backpack is waiting for your way!

“Caro Cosa is here, where are you”, invite your Caro Cosa backpack to your homes today by ordering it online on

“We pledge to serve you with the best” the quality that Caro Cosa offers is not the cup of tea of other brands. Offering such a luxurious pattern at such a lower rate, Caro Cosa is one of the leading luxurious brands today.