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CARO COSA Brown Leather Passport Holder & Passport Cover

 1,999  999
  • Color: Brown
  • Fabric: Leather
  • Type: Passport Holder
  • Dimension (H x W) in cm: 14 x 9.5
  • Details: Card Slots- 3 ; Pockets – 2 ; Passport Pocket- 1

Buy Passport Holder Online

Buy Passport Holder Online – Travelling is fun, isn’t it? But it’s more than that if you are traveling by airways. That excitement of boarding and reaching your destination is really non-definable. We mostly carry luxury bags, clothes with us while going on a trip abroad. All we love is to flaunt the luxury we own.

Do you know what is the main thing while choosing airways as your mode of the journey? It’s nothing else but a passport. Imagine you fully dressed in branded clothes and accessories and carrying a bare passport. Wouldn’t it reflect cheapness?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Don’t worry Caro Cosa cares well for your luxury needs providing you a luxury passport holder. Caro Cosa manufactures the best leather passport holders that are best to flaunt as well.

Benefits of buying a Passport Holder

Prevents the risk

Passport holders help in reducing the risk of theft or stealing of your travel documents such as passports, credit and debit cards, or paper money. It helps in making your travel more comfortable and less risky also.

Easy to carry

While traveling there are a lot of cards we need to carry along with us. Passport holders had made it easier to carry them all in one holder.


Passport holders are light in weight and hence easy to carry. You can hold the whole day in hand without feeling any stress.

Easy accessible

The superfine partitions of pockets inside the passport holder have made it easier to access the cards easily. Even while walking, standing you need not search in the whole bag for the passport instead just keep a passport holder in your hands.

Preventing wear and tear

Storing a passport in luggage can result in wear and tear and sometimes even make it expose to other liquids present in the bag. Hence passport holders are best at saving them.

Why buy online?

We have a good range and variety of passport holders available in the market, then why buy online? There is a lot to get attracted towards online shopping. Let me acquaint you with the benefits of online shopping:


Shopping online offers you a good comfort level. You can have all the varieties under your running fingers. All you need to do is visit the brand’s website and order from there.

All-time available 

The best thing to jot about online shopping is that they are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You need not observe time to shop. Now you can shop when you want, anytime anywhere.

No additional cost

Online shopping cuts down the commissions and profit of the agents. As you are direct shopping from the brand manufacturer. It is a direct channel of supplying and buying.

Wide variety

While shopping online you get the wide variety of the product that you might skin while shopping in the market. Looking for the best luxury passport manufacturing brand? Congratulations you are at the right door. Caro Cosa is the best luxury brand manufacturing passport holders.

Why Caro Cosa?

Caro Cosa is a renowned luxury brand that aims at providing luxury to both men and women at affordable prices. Caro Cosa being a brand of Spain is established under a partnership of an engineer and a designer. This is the reason why their products are perfectly designed with the best logic.

Caro Cosa and Fashion

Caro Cosa and Fashion are the old mates. Caro Cosa is known for its high-quality fashion offering products providing luxury and fashion under one roof.

“Fashion directly from the sheds of the Spain”

Caro Cosa is a brand that serving us fashion and luxury directly from Spain.  Still, confused about choosing Caro Cosa as your shopping destination?

Don’t be, mark my words you won’t regret to become a Caro Cosa valuable customer. The brand whose key is to serve you with the best quality and add loyalty to you wherever you go.  Order your Caro Cosa passport holder online today at as flaunting and traveling will be too much fun!